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Carry Minati PUBG ID
Carry Minati PUBG ID & Full Biography
Carry Minati Short Biography
Real NameAjey Nagar
Known asCarry Minati
Age21+ Years Old
Place of BirthFaridabad, Haryana 
PUBG NameKhalidjamonday


CrewNot a Crew
ControlsEmulator Player
Youtube Channel NameCarry is live
Start SeasonSeason 2
PUBG PartnerNo Partner
Highest K/D11.34 (Season 2) 😯
Highest TierDiamond 1
Favorite MapErangel
Player LevelLevel 49
Education12TH Pass

Social Media                                                                                        
Instagram  carryminati
Contact NumberPUBG-NEWS
Email  workforcarry@gmail.com

See All About Carry Minati -

In this article, We're talking about Carry Minati. Carry Minati's Real name is Ajey Nagar. He is one of the best and Popular Indian Roaster and also as an Indian Gamer. His age is 21 years+. He lives in Faridabad, Haryana, India. And his Birth date is 2 June 1999. Carryminati's YouTube Channel name is CarryIsLive. His YouTube Channel Starting Date is 8 January 2017. He has 3.2M+ Subscribers on YouTube.

He uses Emulator to play PUBG Mobile. Carry minati plays PUBG only for fun and to Entertaining his Audience. His one of the best and most liked videos is "10 Sniper Kills in 1 Minute in PUBG Mobile". This Video has 4.5M+ Views on YouTube. 'CarryVilla' is CarryMinati Clan name. And he's the leader of his own Clan.

Carry Minati PUBG ID
Carry Minati Highest K/D

Carry Minati PUBG ID -

Carry Minati Real PUBG ID Number is 545247961 And CarryMinati PUBG Name is Khalidjamonday.

Carry Minati Pubg ID
Carry Minati PUBG ID & More Details

Unknown Facts about Carry Minati -

  • ‌CarryMinati is in the Top 3 Youtubers of India. 
  • His YouTube Channel has 10M+ Subscribers. 
  • Carryminati plays PUBG, only for Fun. 
  • He's one of the Best and Popular Roaster of India.

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Carry Minati -

• Who is CarryIsLive?
Ans: CarryIsLive is the popular Indian Roaster and PUBG Player of India. He plays PUBG for entertaining the Audience.

• What's CarryMinati's real name?
Ans: Carry Minati's Real name is Ajey Nagar.

• Which device does CarryMinati use to play PUBG?
Ans: Emulator.

• How much the worth of CarryMinati?
Ans: Unknown.

Carry minati Pubg ID
Carry Minati PUBG Profile

Carry Minati Official Instagram -

Carry Minati Gaming Setup -

Here are the Following Setup of Carry minati. that's below -

  • CPU - Intel i7 - 8700K
  • GPU - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 TI DUKE 11G
  • Moniter - LG 32inch Curved 21:9 Ultrawide Moniter, DELL S2240L 21.5 in LED Backlit Computer Moniter.
  • Headphones - Sennheiser HD 598 SR Open-Back Headphone
  • Mouse - SteelSeries Rival 110 62468
  • Keyboard - Razer Black 
  • RZ03 - 01760200-R3M

Carry Minati Most liked Videos -

These are most famous videos of Carry is Live.

1. 10 Sniper Kill in 1 Minute | PUBG Mobile

2. RIP Moniter | Getting Over It


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