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PUBG Mobile is one of the Best FPS Game in the World. By PUBG Mobile, we can make ourselves smarter. According to Testing, got that Who plays any FPS Game like PUBG that is more Smarter. PUBG stands for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. PUBG's graphics are Amazing.

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PUBG Mobile News | Vikendi 2.0 Release Date | Metro Royale Mode Shutting Down | 1.4 New Teaser

Pubg News today India
Pubg Mobile Big Annoucement

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Today's News is very informative because Big Announcement became From PUBG Mobile. In this, we will know about what is included in PUBG Mobile 1.4. Hopefully, you know it's a tease. But, Now will be able to also know that what will become in PUBG Mobile 1.5 (Hints).

Please, See the All News Starting to End. So, you will get all information about it. Let's Start...

Pubg News today India
Vikendi  2.0 Release Date | Metro Royal Mode Shutting Down | Pubg 1.4 New Teaser | Pubg News today

Pubg Mobile News - 

If you use the Discord Server, then you know about the PUBG News that is come at 3.00am Morning Today. Here is a Poster with some Statements. In the Poster, Various Information is shown secretly that we break down the best updates pubg news today India.

At First, We have an LCD/LED Screen in which written Version 1.4. In this Poster, All things which is in PUBG Mobile 1.4.

1. TITANS: LAST STAND - PUBG Mobile X Godzilla/Kong

2. New Teleport Mode (Secret) in Erangel.

3. New TDM Map: Hanger

4. A New Vehicle included and an M249 Gun ammo Extended Mag System is changed. Hopefully, you know.

Pubg Mobile News
Pubg Mobile News

Metro Royale Mode:-

Now, We talk about Version 1.5. Bad News for Sanz of Metro Royale Mode because of Metro Royale Mode takedown for Version 1.5. Metro Royale Mode still is in for PUBG Mobile 1.4. But, Perhaps takedown for a version. Because PUBG Mobile will improve in this and take it again in another version.

Vikendi 2.0 Hints:-

Probably, Vikendi 2.0 will come in Version 1.5. Hopefully, Vikendi 2.0 will come in July's Update.

Get Free Bunny Set in PUBG Mobile | Midasbuy All Exclusive Event Explained.

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As you know, Various Events come in PUBG Mobile. As we saw, more Events came in Recent weeks. But, PUBG Mobile organise also Events out of the Game in which we get UC Rewards, Permanent Outfits. This is from one of the Best Website which is Midasbuy. And Also you know, UC Purchase's official website is Midasbuy for PUBG Mobile. 

Today, we will see all Events of Midasbuy which is newly Refreshed.

Pubg News today India
Free Midasbuy Event

Here is shown Events as -


In this Event, we will Get an Amazing Outfit (Blue & White) for 10 days. For get it, at first, you should register in Midasbuy. Bind your Player ID with your new ID. Follow FB Now to Collect. Now, Click on GET IT.


In this Event, Follow Midasbuy on Twitter and Midasbuy will give 60 Outfit Codes to Random Players. This Event will end up with 20,000 Followers. So, what are you waiting for? If you wanna get it. then, comment on their comment section.


Follow Midasbuy's official Instagram, Event period is from now to April 30th. Leave your PUBG Mobile player ID below the Post. Share the post with your friends.

We will Get the above Rewards in the Mail Box of PUBG Mobile.

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