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Get Permanent Free Earth Parachute in PUBG Mobile | Karakin Oasis Event Explained in Detail.

Pubg Mobile News
Pubg Mobile News

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Today, A Amazing Event came in PUBG Mobile in which you will get a Permanent Parachute. And This Event is available on every Server. That's Amazing. If you play PUBG by any Region then you will get the benefit of this Event. We have noticed that Recently, PUBG Mobile is also giving Amazing Events to Indian users. For Example, we got a Permanent Outfit from the Ramadan Event. And Now, This Event: Karakin Oasis is also for Indian users. And as we said, if you complete this event, you will get a Permanent Parachute. So, What are you waiting for? Don't miss out on it.

Pubg Mobile News -

Pubg Mobile News
Pubg Mobile News

At first, We click on the Event Section and get to Recommended Section. Now, in this, we get Karakin Oasis. Make sure that you will be connected to VPN ( For Only Indian users). Now, we click on GO. Then, you will get Karakin Map Interface. In this, you need to make buildings and Upgrade them by using Level and Speed through Blueprints. 

Rewards System:-

You will Get Rewards as following-

At Level 4- Supply Scrap.

how to get free premium create in Pubg mobile
Free Supply Create

At Level 6- Glider/ Parachute Trail.

how to get free parachute skin in pubg mobile
Get Free Parachute Trail

At Level 9- Chicken Popularity.

Free popularity in pubg
Get Free Popularity

At Level 30- Earth Parachute (Permanent).

Get free parachute skin in pubg
Get free Parachute skin in pubg

At Level 18- RP Mission Card.

RP Mission card Pubg
RP Mission card Pubg

At Level 24- Time Limited Backpack Skin.

Get Free Backpack Skin in Pubg Mobile
Get Free Backpack Skin in Pubg Mobile

At Level 13- Time Limited Helmet Skin.

Get Free Helmet Skin in Pubg Mobile
Get Free Helmet Skin in Pubg Mobile


You need to make buildings and after you need to Upgrade them. You will more and more Upgrade because of need more and more Energy. You need to Blueprints for making Buildings. Here, you will get blueprints from the top left ( Red, Purple, Green). 

You should collect to them by doing Event Missions. You can collect Blueprints by UC. And If you spend 2100UC, you will also get a Permanent Backpack Skin. You need to Level up your Buildings and you will get more and more Energy. And you will get Rewards as fast as. 

Every Building needs to have a different one Blueprint. Here, is also a Ranking Rewards System, if you get Ranked by luck, then you can also get Some Rewards, but here is the need of UC. You may be doing it if want it.

By the way, Hopefully, you will get Permanent Earth Parachute.

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