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Today, We will see that The New Mode is coming in Erangel Map which name is Micro World. And We will talk about that 3 New Achievements added in PUBG Mobile 1.4. And as you know, PUBG Mobile brought New Exclusive things in Version 1.4 in Achievements. Thus, Each Achievement will have a fixed time-duration. And after it, Achievement will break down. 

3 New Achievements in PUBG Mobile 1.4 || New Micro World Mode Coming.

Pubg Mobile News India
3 New Achievements in Pubg

When we click on Achievements section, we get that some Achievements have label as 'Exclusive'. This Exclusive Achievements have a fixed time-duration. And after it, these Achievements will break down. But more fun if anything have a fixed time-duration. As we know, PUBG Mobile add 2-3 new Achievements in every Update.

Pubg Mobile News
Pubg Mobile News

Now, PUBG Mobile gave a New Feature that have two kinds of Achievements. First kind of Achievement haven't any fixed time-duration, we will it complete anytime, anyway. And Second kind of Achievement have a fixed time-duration, and if we will not complete it in time-duration, it will breakdown. And It has a label name as 'Exclusive'.


Now, here, 3 New Achievements listed that is added in PUBG Mobile 1.4:-

1. Different degrees of Contact (Perhaps).

2. Everyone's Favourite (I-II-III).

3. Social Star (I-II-III).

Now, We talk about the New Mode that is Micro World. This Mode will come after the the Godzilla vs Kong Mode. Perhaps, it will come after 1 month of Godzilla vs Kong Mode. Here, will a Kong campanion in the Lobby. That's Awesome. When we will be open our Erangel Map, then we will have shown 5 Points/Labs. When we will jump from the plane and will be in the air, Kong also with us with Backpack.

Pubg Mobile News India
Pubg Kong Campanion

When we will reach at Lab. In this Lab, full Loots, Obviously. Here, 2 main things that first one is Portal and the second one by which we make us Ant-Man. In the Lab, we will have a Machine that will give us weapons, healings, Ammos, etc. as a Clown Shop. 

One thing to be Notice that it is a Lab, then Obviously, here will Various Insects for Experiments. Inspects such as Ants, beater, Honey bee, Ryno, scorpion, etc. in Showroom. By teleport/Portal machine, we will be able to teleport/go to another location as an Insect. By Machine, we will make us Micro-man. Here, we will have a circle, if we will go out of this, we will be again in Real Character.

Kong Campanion is Amazing, you will really love it. So, what are you waiting for? Comment below...!

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