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Blood Ravan free Spin
Blood Ravan Free Spin

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Free Blood Raven Spin-
( New Op Outfits, Ornament Skins)

Today, A New Event came in PUBG MOBILE that is Free Blood Raven Spin. This is completely the same as Golden Faro. This Event has the name shown as BLOOD OATH.

The Time period for this Event is-
2021/04/17 - 2021/05/14.

Required for it-

(1) 300 Silver coins for 1 Draw.
(2) If don't have, 60UC for 1 Draw.
(3) 600UC for 10 Draws at Once.

When will be come next X-Suit...
Still no news for it.

Here, in this Event...

5 types of different Characters with their Specific Rewards.
That's following as-
(1) Blood Raven X-Suit (6-Stars).
(2) Obsidian Eagle Set.
(3) Nightscape Set.
(4) Moon Dancer Set.
(5) Rouge Set.

Every 5 Sets have their Different Inventory.

You will be able to choose a specific inventory after 5 Draws.
Here is also a Reward Redemption in which we use coins to purchase any permanent items.

Material is a must for Upgrade Blood Raven X-Suit (6-Stars). You can use the material of Golden Faro.

I got from this-

(1) Blood Raven Ornament.
(2) Sheltering Wings Emote.
(3) Some Coins.
(4) Some Materials.

Blood Ravan Free X -suit
Blood Ravan free X-Suit

What will be Your Luck like...
Comment Below.....!

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