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Pre-Registration open for Indians in Apex Legends Mobile | PUBG Mobile India in Problem? Explained.

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So, finally, after a long time, A Popular PC Game is coming in Mobile whose name is Apex Legends Mobile. An Interesting fact is that its beta version is launching for especially in India. And its Pre-registration is started From Today. If PUBG Mobile India won't come as soon as possible, then that will have a problem because of this game will be going to boom. 

Apex Legends Mobile Pre Register
Apex Legends Mobile Pre Register

Instead of Not Popularity of this PC Game, But it will more popular in Mobile Version. Apex Legends Mobile wants to Launch this Game firstly for only India and the Philippines. If you're an Indian User, then you'll be able to Pre-registration without any problem. Not Directly, but can do it. So, See the News till the end, you will get more information. 

Apex Legends Mobile
Apex Legends Mobile Gameplay

Apex Legends Mobile:-

Official Website: https://bit.ly/32wQZFg

As you can see, here is the official Website of Apex Legends Mobile. I'll cover only important points, According to Apex Legends Mobile, their PC game was very popular, but wasn't in India, therefore Now they are aiming to get Mobile Version to Indian users firstly. As we know, Indian users like more to Mobile Games as compare to PC Games. They want to capture the market of India firstly. 

Apex Legends Mobile
Apex Legends Mobile

In-Game Graphics are so Awesome, but not too sure that it'll be able to handle Low-end Devices or not. Here, will get futuristic things and it'll be a Fast-paced Game. It's a new version of Apex Legends, but I'll be as an Original. They want to small start. So, few thousand players in India and the Philippines to get a chance of Pre-registration. Apex Legends Mobile and their PC Version Players can't be able to Matchmaking because of different types of Variance. 

Apex Legends Mobile Register
Apex Legends Mobile News

According to Sources, This game will launch in other regions after 2021, and this is now available only for Android devices, they will be try to launch for iOS devices as soon as possible. This game will be free to play. Now,  we talk about that How to Pre-registration in this Game? If We will try to Pre-registration by the link to directly in Play Store, can't be do Pre-registration. 

Apex Legends Mobile Pre Register
Apex Legends Mobile Special Abilities

Apex Legends Mobile Pre-Register:-

Pre-register Link: https://bit.ly/3ssmniQ

The Note will be shown as "Your device isn't compatible with this version". You need to copy the link and open it with any browser like Chrome, instead of open it with Play Store. And You'll be able to Pre-registration.

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