How to Data Transfer PUBG to BGMI Game & Get Free Rewards [ Recon set, Rename Card, 300 AG, Celebrations Experts title]

How to Data Transfer PUBG to BGMI Game & Get Free Rewards [ Recon set, Rename Card, 300 AG, Celebrations Experts title].

Data Migration Compensation Rewards 💥
Data Migration Compensation Rewards 💥

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Today, we will discuss on How to Migrate a Global PUBG Account in BGMI (How to Data Transfer PUBG to BGMI Game). Hope So, you downloaded BGMI already. If didn't, then click on the link below to download it.

{ 7 Easy Steps } :-

To Migrate the PUBG Account, you need to Follow Some Instructions and Steps which is given below:-

(1) After Open the Game, First, you need to log in the Account which was linked to your Old PUBG Account (Like Facebook, Twitter).

(2) After Login the Account, you will Get Welcome Animation. And then, You need to choose any Dummy Username. And then, Click on the 'Create' button.

[ Note: Make Sure your username is not any existing account ].

(3) After it, will display-


Battlegrounds Mobile India ('New App') is for users located in India only. Do you reside in India?"

Click on the [ YES ] Button.

(4) Next, again will display-


So, Click on the [ YES, PLEASE CONTINUE ].

(5) After Click on it, you will be redirected to this Website. 

In this Display, 

" Account Data Transfer-

Do you wish to provide your consent?"

Click on the [ YES ] Button.

(6) We have 2 Options for Data Transfer (by Facebook and Twitter). So, now you are able to Get Your Old Account just by Clicking-


[Note: Currently, is not available for Google Users].

(7) So, Finally LOGIN Again and Enjoy your New Battleground.


(1) Free Recon Set - 

(a) Recon Outfit -

(b) Recon Mask -

Free Recon Set (Outfit & Mask)
Free Recon Set (Outfit & Mask)

(2) 300 AG - 

(3) 'Celebration Expert' Title. -

More Rewards (300AG, Celebration Experts title)
More Rewards (300AG, Celebration Experts title)

(4) Rename Card. -

free rename card in BGMI
Free Rename Card 💥

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ᐈ Casetoo PUBG ID | Casetoo PUBG Biography, Girlfriend, Real Name, Device & More Details

Casetoo - PUBG ID, Casetoo PUBG Biography, Controls, Real Name, Use Device Name, Video, Photo, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube Channel Name, Gameplay, PUBG Profile Photo, Statistics, Tier Overview, Career Results, Achievements, K/D Ratio, Total Season Play, Country, Combat, Clan name, Player level, Title, Pubg Partner, Age, Crew, etc. 

Casetoo Pubg id
Casetoo PUBG ID & Full Biography

Casetoo Short Biography
Real NameAditya Sharma
PUBG ID5108853226
Date of Birth12th January 2002
Place of BirthDelhi, India
Education12TH Pass
BestfriendLIOT, BadBoyHaathi
Age 21 (Not Sure)
Playing FromSeason 2
ProfessionGaming Video Crector
ClanElite Squad
Highest K/D8.09 KD Season 7😯
Highest TierConqueror♚
Highest Kills38
GirlfriendNot Known
14107.5K +

Casetoo Social Media
FacebookNo Account

Casetoo PUBG Full Biography -

In this post, We're showing you all the information about Casetoo. Casetoo is the popular PUBG Player from India. His real name is Aditya Sharma. He lives in India. He uses the device to play PUBG which is the iPad. Casetoo PUBG game Level is 78. 

He is also popular on Instagram with his PUBG Videos. His YouTube Channel name is 'Casetoo' and in this Channel, he has 2.5M+ Subscribers. He is Popular for his PUBG Gameplay Videos.

His YouTube Channel has started on 7 July 2017. Casetoo's popular video on YouTube is "100 Tips & Tricks of PUBG Mobile" with 8M+ Views. Casetoo pubg clan name is 'Elite Squad'. And Casetoo's PUBG Crew name 'SAD' which is unranked.

casetoo Pubg id
Casetoo global PUBG ID

Casetoo - Casetoo most is known for his beautiful voice, he also has a gaming YouTube channel, whose Casetoo is his YouTube feet, only 2.5 millions of subscribers are complete, his daily Youtube foot video is also fixed at 2:30 pm. As well as their gameplay, the feet are their dialogues, स्वागत है आपका एक विराट रूप से भरे पड़े PUBG the Mobile गेमप्ले वीडियो में In mobile gameplay videos, तो मिलते है एक और नयी PUBG the Mobile Gameplay Video they get a dialogue.BYE-BYE.

Casetoo PUBG ID Number -

Casetoo Real PUBG ID Number is 5108853226 And Casetoo PUBG Name is SellMON BHai.

Casetoo pubg id
Casetoo Real PUBG ID

Interesting Facts of Casetoo -

  • Casetoo is an Indian PUBG Player.
  • He started his YouTube Channel on 7 July 2017.
  • Casetoo Pubg Game Level is 71.
  • He uses the device to play PUBG which is iPad.
  • Casetoo is a Hindu.
  • Casetoo PUBG plays with 4 Fingers Claw
  • Casetoo has not a Girlfriend.

Mostly and Frequently asked Questions about Casetoo PUBG -

• Who is Casetoo?
Ans: Casetoo is the popular PUBG Player from India because of his PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks Video. He got 8M+ Views on this Video on YouTube.

• What's the Casetoo real name?
Ans: Aditya Sharma.

• Which device does Casetoo use to play PUBG?
Ans: iPad.

• Casetoo Any Affaires?
Ans: No Affairs.

Casetoo highest KD
Casetoo Highest K/D

Casetoo Instagram Profile -

One of the Best and Famous Video of Casetoo -

Casetoo record of the super fastest 2.5 Million + Youtube subscribers Here, you can see one of the best and Famous videos of Casetoo. In this Video, His Reflexes are So Awesome. In this Video, 8+ Million Views and 4.5M+ Likes on YouTube.

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